About Us

Mumtaz has been a special part of the UK curry landscape for decades. Passionately serving its community and customers with a range of its famous curry dishes. Born from humble beginnings, Mumtaz quickly rose to fame after establishing itself in the 1970s, with many well-known names still making it their go-to place when visiting Yorkshire.

At the heart of our culinary journey, the unwavering love and support of our cherished customers have ignited a spark of inspiration. This fervent dedication has led to the birth of Mumtaz At Home, a testament to our commitment to sharing the flavours of our heritage with you.

Welcome to a world of culinary possibilities. Here at Mumtaz at Home, we take immense pride in introducing our ever-expanding selection of cooking sauces, spice mixes, marinades and so much more. Whether you're seeking inspiration in the comfort of your home or you're a business with grand ambitions, your journey begins here. We stand beside you, offering an array of ingredients and recipes to enrich your culinary adventures, ensuring each step is a flavorful and delightful one.